Old and New

Muku; purity


The Muku Design furniture collection celebrates simplicity and purity

The concept of history and present merging to create a unique moment of inspiration

Creating furniture from reclaimed furniture or reclaimed salvage, such as cast iron factory machine bases or table legs

Taking objects that have history and transforming them to become a unique present or gift

Building on the history of an item; transforming a piece of furniture with sentimental value into a beautiful, unique functional furniture

This is not to be confused with shabby chic

This is rebirth

Natural and man-made

Muku; purity

Muku Design furniture collection invites you to celebrate man and natures unshakeable influence on one another

Everything Muku is tied to the concept of nature and man working together to create a unique moment of inspiration

Design principles born in the unique landscapes of Japan

Fine woodworking techniques perfected in the Isle of Purbeck

Function and form gained from the rouged, open spaces from New Zealand

This is not your everyday furniture

This is Muku

The Muku family